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Indeed it was a great honour to me to be the President of Pune District Zonal Sports Committee under the Board of Sports, University of Pune. I am very much thankful for this honour. The importance of the sports has been rightly stated by Aimee Mullians in the words "The power of the human will to compete and the drive to excel beyond the body's normal capabilities is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sport." .

Undoubtedly my sincere thanks are also due to all the members of affiliated colleges of the Pune District Sports Zone. I am thankful to Dr. W. N. Gade (Vice Chancellor, University of Pune), Dr. Deepak Mane Director of Sports, University of Pune, Dr. Datta Mahadam, All the Principals.

Prin. Dr.Babasaheb Sangle, President,
Pune District Zonal Sports Committee


It is my proud privilege to be the Secretary of Pune District Zonal Sports Committee, the largest zone under the Board of Sports, University of Pune. This zone has 175 colleges and 45 Institutes affiliated to it.  

My special thanks to all my team members, Prof. Shakur Sayyad, Prof. Amey Kale, Prof. Padmakar Gadekar and Prof. Santosh Pacharane, for shouldering the responsibility to looking after the inter collegiate events. They are doing their role with all sincerity and tried their level best to complete the mission successfully. This would have been not possible but for their support of my colleagues in the zone particularly Prof. Dr.Vinayak Tujare, Prof. P. B. Thorat, Prof. Shobha Shinde, Dr. Girish Dhamale, Prof. Garad.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Deepak Mae (Director), Dr. Datta Mahadam (Asst.Director) and all staff of director of Sports for their quidance & prompt support & guidance.

I am greatful to our principal Dr. Babasaheb Sangle wo showing his faith and confidence in me and accepted the challenge as the Host and also you all for the same. I cannot forget teaching and non teaching staff of our college, I am thankful to them for their unstinted support throughout the year.

Dr. Ramesh Gaikwad, Secretary

Pune District Zonal Sports Committee